It’s been a while

1 minute read

I’ve had this domain for as long as the Web has been a thing. I haven’t shared much with it over the years, keeping my projects and online resources off the public face of this site. I’ve had many experiments for work, contract and personal stuff but rarely anything public.

I think about what I could do with the site all the time, but it takes time and effort and I don’t have a lot of either one of those by the end of the week. I work with the web all day long in my day job, so there isn’t much inspiration or exploration left.

I found Jekyll a few years ago and thought it was a great idea, loved the hands-on model and launched a few demo sites with it. I wasn’t ready to push this site live with it until I could develop a theme that I liked. However, things languished and I decided to just launch with Minima, the default theme that coes with most Jekyll installs.

Minimal Mistakes - Jekyll Theme Recently I came across Minimal Mistakes, an excellent theme by Michael Rose. A well developed theme with tons of options, I decided to just build this site with it. I haven’t made many changes, but that doesn’t mean none are coming. I’m starting to feel a little excited about developing this site again.